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Window Tint

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June 11, 2019
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Window Tint

The rate of being affected by the harmful rays of the sun while traveling during the day is very high. Window tints are important for protecting the health of drivers. With window tints, drivers and passengers are protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

One of the most important features of window tints is that they not only protect drivers from the harmful UV rays of the sun but also provide safety while driving in the vehicle. Window tint application increases the resistance of the vehicle’s windows. Thus, it provides significant protection for the traveling vehicle from external factors. Window tints reduce the scratch and breakage rate that may occur on the vehicle’s window. As the resistance of the vehicle window increases thanks to the window tints, drivers are provided with a comfortable and safe journey.

Window tints significantly increase the performance of the air conditioner, which is cleaned and maintained in summer. Window tints also have an effect on air conditioner usage. It reduces the use of air conditioners with its feature of absorbing solar energy. Thus, energy saving is achieved. It makes the time drivers spend in the vehicle more comfortable. One of the points that must be taken into consideration regarding the air conditioners that are used intensively in the automobile in all seasons is the air conditioner and bacteria cleaning that must be applied in certain periods.

Window tints also help protect drivers in case of an accident. In case of an accident, broken window pieces will not scatter inside the vehicle if there is a window tint. At the same time, it prevents the window from being scratched with minor impacts.

Window tints also protect the colors of vehicle seat upholstery thanks to their protective feature. It prevents fading of the colors on the seat upholstery. In addition, stain removal processes can be applied with Galaxy Design’s expertise for drivers who are disturbed by stubborn stains on seat upholstery.

The application time for window tint with Galaxy Design quality and assurance is approximately 1 hour. Galaxy Design applies auto window tint service using apparatus produced with the latest technology.

The vehicle windows to which window tints are applied become more durable and protective than before. The usage time of the window tint varies according to the conditions and frequency of use of the vehicle. After the vehicle window tint is applied, it can be changed and reapplied.

Application of Window Tint

The window surface is cleaned with window cleaning liquid and application apparatus so that no stains remain. Then the window tint is applied to the clean surface with the help of window liquid. And the size of the window tint is taken according to the window. After the measurement process is finished, it is cut with an apparatus such as a razor blade. The cut film is separated from the window. The window is sprayed with window liquid and the cut film is opened and adhered to the window. After adhering to the window, the window liquid under the window tint is removed with the help of the window tint application apparatus. The liquid disappears well and the Window tint adheres to the window. These operations should be done by professional people. After the process, the applied windows should not be used for 3 days. For 30 days, care should be taken while cleaning in order to completely remove the moisture under the window tint. Every process applied to auto window tint should also be applied to flat windows such as homes and offices by professionals.

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