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Car Wraps

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June 11, 2019
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The process of wrapping (color change) the body sheet with vinyl without painting on the body of the vehicle owners who are unsatisfied with the color, appearance, design, or design or want innovation for their personal taste is called Car Wrapping. In the past, vehicle wrapping was generally preferred mainly in commercial vehicles (taxis, minibuses, etc.). The reason for this was to prevent a decrease in the value of the vehicle in the event of the sale of the vehicle to a different customer after the vinyl wrapping process was done. Nowadays, many vehicle owners prefer vehicle vinyl wrapping/color change services for both the design and a more aesthetic appearance of their vehicles.

Benefits of vehicle vinyl wrapping

Vehicle vinyl wrapping is a little more economical in price than body painting. The more important issue is, unfortunately, if there is any painting process on the vehicle in USA, the prices decrease in market conditions. At this very stage, the most reasonable solution is vehicle wrapping. Because, when this professionally applied service meets with the quality of the product used and expert workmanship, it is possible to restore it in the next period with the labor of approximately 5-10 hours.

Which parts are removed during vehicle vinyl wrapping?

Bring any vehicle in front of your eyes. In the picture you have looked at, approximately 70% of the area consists of bodywork. And these areas are not completely sheet metal. For example, on the door surface; there is a door handle. There is a headlight on the hood. There is an antenna on the roof. There is a logo on the trunk. etc.

Naturally, for the vinyl wrapping process to be applied/processed on the vehicle without any problems/errors, some parts on the body surface of the vehicle must be removed. These parts are usually: headlights, slats, antenna, door handles, etc.

Remember: At the place where you will have the vehicle vinyl wrapping process, you must reach a full agreement on whether the vehicle parts will be removed/dismantled before starting any process. Because during the dismantling of the parts, any loss or damage to any of them can cost you dearly. Always get support from an expert person/company in this regard.

What is vinyl wrapping (material)?

They are PVC-based products produced in almost the same direction as the tapes you use in daily life (this definition is considered in general; it may vary according to the product specifications of the manufacturer companies).

Is there a good, bad, or high-quality vinyl product?

To answer this question very clearly; YES, there are. But the real problem is that customers or car owners cannot understand this.

Unfortunately, the biggest basis of customers who receive vehicle wrapping service is the trust relationship with the seller. Because: if the company that will make the application uses a y brand product instead of an x brand product after the customer turns his back, unfortunately, it is almost impossible for the vehicle owner to understand this. After the process, 99% of you are only interested in the newly wrapped vehicle color. Because suddenly the vehicle will look like a completely different vehicle. And then what?

Poor quality products: They will change their color over time, fade, and will not reflect the color you first saw. In the next process, when you want to have it removed, it will cause huge expenses, and even it can only be removed with sandpaper without being removed from the body surface. If such a situation happens to you, we regret to inform you that you are in serious trouble.

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