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Floor Graphics

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June 11, 2019
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Floor Graphics

One of the main advantages of the floor graphic, in addition to offering price/quality performance, the hygienic aspect of the floor comes to the fore. It is an ideal floor for a Home, Office, Hospital, or place where hygiene is of high importance. Another great advantage is that the cost and disadvantages of the material reflect the spirit of the place where it is located.

As a result, the floor graphic meets the expectations of our different customer profiles in many respects. In this direction; When we consider price, quality, aesthetics, and other criteria, we would like to state that the floor graphic provides advantages in many respects and for this reason, it is among our most preferred products. Floor graphics are made from a special vinyl that’s designed for use on floors. They feature a matte finish and can be washed with commercial cleaning supplies.

Floor Graphics Wrapping

It has a structure that does not deform in cases such as erasure and washing and maintains its durability against impacts. Since it does not change color, fading or bleeding cannot be predicted. It is also a product that we encounter in banners, signboards, and many other areas. Floor Graphics (Vinyl flooring) is used in large areas such as schools, hospitals, hotels, and business centers. It can be used with peace of mind in areas with high crowds and elements such as dirt and dust. Due to its antibacterial properties, it does not cause any germ distribution or disease.

Floor Graphic applications are products that can be used in all areas. Floor Graphics, also known as ‘Vinyl wrapping’ have a surface protective feature as they consist of various resins such as polyvinyl acetate or polyvinyl chloride.

It can be used in all areas except children’s rooms. Although it is antibacterial and wipeable, it is not a healthy product for children’s rooms. Floor graphics, which are fiber-based instead of paper, can be maximally preferred in children’s rooms. If you are considering vinyl siding for your home, the kitchen is an ideal area of use. Because, due to its structure, vinyl is a product that does not catch fire easily. It is recommended to use it in an area such as the kitchen, where food is cooked frequently and the risk of fire is high. In recent years, vinyl wrapping, which has been highly developed as decorative, has started to be used for decor purposes in many places.

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