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June 11, 2019
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Partial Vehicle Wrap at the Most Affordable Prices

If you are going to have Partial Vehicle Wrapping, we print the highest quality and high-resolution advertising prints of your vehicles on outdoor digital printing machines in indoor quality. We use high-quality brand printing vinyl for vehicle wrapping. Before you cover your vehicles, you can bring them to us and leave them after they are cleaned and dried. The vehicle prints to be wrapped are printed and dried one day in advance. The well-dried digital printed vinyl is wrapped on your car by professional application masters. The wrapping is made with fine and meticulous workmanship. If you are going to have the vehicle completely covered, it takes about 4 hours to cover 1 vehicle.

Partial Vehicle Wrapping It can also be done partially if you wish. Your company’s corporate logo and design can be applied to the desired area of your vehicle.  Partial vehicle wrapping and full-vehicle wrapping designs are prepared on the computer screen and sent to you for approval. After your approval, the vehicle wrapping digital printing process is started. Digital printing resolution is printed with professional machines that can give outdoor digital prints with 2000 Dpi fine resolution indoor quality. The higher the print quality photo resolution, the better it will come out. If you have the design in your hand, we can give you a special discount on the price while giving you the vehicle wrapping price information. We have seen it appropriate to share one of our Partial Vehicle Dressing and wrapping case studies with you, and if you bring your vehicle to us, we can cover your vehicle at affordable prices.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

In general definition, partial vehicle wrapping is the process of applying vinyl to certain parts of the vehicle, not the entire vehicle. Even a small-scale sticker work applied on the vehicle is an example of partial wrapping. At Galaxy Design, we have been offering this method, which is preferred by companies that want to receive advertising services with low budgets, to our customers for many years. The partial wrapping can also be given as an example of covering the entire vehicle rather than the sticker. Partial vehicle wrapping is mostly preferred by bus and service companies.

In addition to the high advertising taxes of vehicles in full vehicle wrappings, there has been a decline in the vehicle wrapping business in recent years, especially considering the risk of accidents in metropolitan cities such as Boston. Due to the high taxes, companies now prefer partial vehicle wrapping. The logo, phone, and website are attached to the vehicle doors by cutting the vinyl and reducing the cost. Very stylish designs can be created with small plays in partial vehicle wraps. With a few tape strips or circles, designs can be made more aesthetic. The price is below the full wrapping. In fact, a little bit of work falls on the company or agency that makes the design. It is possible to produce highly aesthetic designs with colors suitable for the corporate identity of the company.

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