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Truck Lettering

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June 11, 2019
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What is Truck Lettering?

Truck lettering is the writing on vehicles’ doors, hoods, and ceilings. No chemicals or solvents are used when writing these writings on vehicles. Therefore, it does not cause any damage to your vehicle. Truck lettering is applied to your vehicle’s bodywork by cutting from glossy or matte vinyl with the print vinyl technique and color-cut vinyl with the print-cut technique.

Who applies Truck Lettering?

The design work done on the vehicle’s outer body is called truck lettering. Truck lettering is done by wrapping the design on the vehicle after the design is processed as digital printing. The processes should be done by experts. Because in faulty applications, the design output may deteriorate and become unusable.

If the wrapping process is to be applied as a regional truck lettering on flat surfaces (for example, truck dumper), flat surface vinyl is suitable for use. Semi-cast vinyl is suitable for slightly indented and protruding areas. If the surface on which the design work is to be applied is very protruding, cast vinyl with a more flexible and long-lasting structure should be used. Truck lettering prices vary according to the material, workmanship, and surface to be applied.

How is commercial truck lettering done?

In commercial truck lettering processes, we first look at your designs. We also provide services that will give you some ideas during the design process. We do all your commercial truck lettering operations with unlimited color and design options. For color changes, we make many applications such as matte, glossy, glossy metallic, glossy silvery, and transparent wrapping for you.  We do wrapping for both passenger cars and large vehicles such as trucks.

We clean your vehicle in detail before the wrapping process. If there is dirt or different deposits on the vehicle surface, high performance cannot be obtained in truck lettering processes. For this reason, we carry out commercial truck lettering processes with special materials in detail. We fulfill different commercial truck lettering processes either regionally or as a single piece.

The effect of commercial truck lettering on advertising

Commercial truck lettering processes are among the very effective methods used by brands for advertising purposes in recent years. Especially with truck lettering processes that you can advertise in every area, you can also have other vehicles wrapped. As you can advertise your brand, you can also buy advertisements of different brands for your vehicle.

With vehicle advertisements, you can make very effective advertisements for very low budgets. With creative designs, you can bring your brand to a wide audience through commercial truck lettering processes. Our team helps you with detailed information and design processes.

We realize commercial truck lettering applications specific to your brand and corporate structure for permanent and effective advertising works.

Commercial truck lettering advantages can be listed as follows;
  • In commercial truck lettering processes, we make different options such as matte, glossy, glossy metallic, glossy silvery, and transparent wrapping.
  • When you do glossy wrapping works, you can protect your vehicles as they were on the first day with the polish application at certain times.
  • After wrapping your vehicles, you can remove the wrappings at any time.
  • Truck lettering application does not damage the original paint of the vehicle in any way.
  • You will not encounter any problems such as fading, stains, or adhesive on your vehicle./li>
  • With truck lettering applications, its water resistance also increases and your vehicle gets a very bright appearance.

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