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June 11, 2019
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What are the Benefits of Window Films?

Window films, which are generally used for aesthetic purposes in automobiles, bring many advantages.

What are the benefits of window films? What advantages do we get when window films are used? What happens if we do not use window films?

The most well-known benefit of using window films in cars is that they prevent up to 70% of the sun’s rays. Preventing the sun’s rays brings many benefits. It prevents UV rays (UVA – UVB – UVC) from contacting the body and minimizes damage. It prevents the temperature inside the vehicle from increasing, resulting in less air conditioning use and therefore less fuel consumption. It prevents the glass from shattering in case of theft or breakage. In security films, it prevents entry into the vehicle. It ensures the protection of privacy inside the vehicle. It prevents cracking and deformation of the leather, especially in leather-upholstered vehicles.

What are the Damages of Poor Quality Window Films?

After the interest of automobile users in window films, many products entered the market. Most of these products consist of quality products. Very affordable window films seen in many places do not meet many of the targeted benefits.

These films, which are obtained by applying painted glue on transparent gelatin, have no protection. These products, which fully give heat to the vehicle, also do not have UV protection.

These products, which fade in a short time, seriously threaten the health of the people inside the vehicle due to the carcinogenic substances they contain. In short, it is necessary to stay away from poor-quality window films.

You can protect your car against external factors at the highest level with Polyurethane (PPF) wrapping, which provides the highest level of protection on the car’s surface.

  • The car surface with PPF wrapping is now under full protection.
  • It is almost impossible to scratch the car surface with PPF wrapping.
  • The car surface with PPF wrapping is fully protected against stone impacts.
  • The car surface with PPF wrapping is fully protected against resins.
  • The car surface with PPF wrapping is fully protected against bird droppings.
  • The car surface with PPF wrapping is much more resistant to hail hazards.
  • The car surface with PPF wrapping is now under full protection

The quality of the wrapping films to be applied on the vehicle surface is of great importance. Although their quality is not noticed during the first application phase, these wrapping films bring serious problems afterward.

Although polyurethane PPF wrapping films are differentiated in terms of quality, most of the market uses PVC wrapping films due to their affordable price.

PVC wrapping films, on the other hand, cause a bad appearance on the vehicle surface due to their fading, easy scratching, and deformation in a short time. Although these negativities are not noticed during the application phase, the image afterward can be very bad.

The most important damage of poor quality wrapping films occurs when they are removed.

Where to Apply PPF Wrapping Film (Paint Protection Film)

PPF wrapping films should be applied by professional application personnel who have completed their training as in all other applications.

  • Scratches and cuts may occur on the vehicle surface (due to the tools used to cut the film)
  • Vehicle wicks can be cut
  • If the folding process is not done correctly, it may lift, and the film deforms in a short time.
  • It can be opened from the connection points.

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