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Ceramic Coating

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June 11, 2019
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Ceramic Coating

Like every driver, you will notice that over time your vehicle loses its first-day appearance. This can sometimes be caused by minor scratches and sometimes by sunspots. In such cases, you may think of solutions such as regular washing and waxing, but these solutions may not be enough to protect the surface of your vehicle. 

As it is known, the varnish layer on vehicle paints does not provide effective protection against bird droppings, stone scratches, and other deformations. Therefore, a more effective and permanent solution is required. With ceramic coating, which provides a hydrophobic surface, you can get a surface that is easier to clean as well as problems such as abrasion, cracking, and peeling. By having a ceramic coating on your vehicle, you will give it a stylish and shiny appearance and you can also benefit from other advantages.

What are the advantages of ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is one of the best procedures to prevent defects that will cause cars to be repainted. Ceramic coating, which is applied very simply and has a long service life, has many advantages:

Car surfaces are exposed to sunlight, triggering oxidation. Ceramic coating creates a second layer on vehicle surfaces, ensuring that the surface is minimally affected by sunspots.

A ceramic coating applied with the right application gives the vehicle surface a hydrophobic character. This means that the water in contact with the vehicle flows faster. Thus, it is more difficult for substances such as dirt and mud to stick to the vehicle than before. As you can see, thanks to the ceramic coating, you can wash your vehicle more easily than before and keep it away from abrasives such as salt and resin.

How is ceramic coating done?

While you want to make your vehicle look better than before, you may encounter the opposite situation. To avoid such a risk, you need to make sure that the ceramic coating application is done professionally. Getting answers to the question of what to pay attention to when applying ceramic coating can help you understand whether things are going well during the application.

Some preliminary preparations need to be made before ceramic application. First of all, the vehicle should be washed well and then the surface should be cleaned with clay paste. After removing bird droppings, industrial substances, and resin residues on the vehicle with clay cleaning, the vehicle should be made ready for ceramic coating by starting the paste process.

If the ceramic coating is applied without paste application, small scratches on the vehicle may cause a worse appearance as they will remain under the coating. The last stage of the preliminary preparation is the moiré application. The moiré application is aimed to eliminate the wavy marks left on the surface after the paste process. Finally, ceramic coating is applied to small areas in order.

Care should be taken to ensure that the environment where the process is carried out is dry, dust-free, and away from the sun. After the process is completed, the vehicle should rest for a while.

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