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Window Graphics

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June 11, 2019
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Window Graphics

Window graphic services, which are manufactured for the personnel working in offices to create a more elegant environment, serve them with the color options they want. Window graphics, which are shaped according to the information and requests of the users, can be used for every environment. It can also be used to add a beautiful atmosphere to your office. It also creates a plus factor for the staff in the workplaces to get better efficiency from the working environment. If desired, order products can be given in the form of a vector or frosted window with the company logo.

Office Window Graphic Usage Areas

In terms of usage areas, it is generally introduced as a product open for use in offices. It gives privileges to distinguish the glazed rooms in the workplaces from each other and to adapt to the work of the personnel in the work. Therefore, it is known as a pattern that we often encounter in offices.  Office window wrapping processes serve differently according to their usage areas. For example, when it wants to be used on the closing of rooms and windows, it is presented to the use of customers to verify the choices with frosted effects by making shapes in the specified sizes.

What are the Advantages of Office Window Graphics?

We are offered options that we cannot count in terms of advantages. The fact that it is manufactured for use in office functions in order to provide a healthier working environment for the personnel. It also functions in the same tasks in order to distinguish the rooms from each other and not to disturb concentration.  If desired, the logo of the company can also be specified on the windows. Therefore, window graphic options are given to business employees by office bosses. It plays a big role in both being affordable and making the environment even better.

Windows Graphics for Privacy

Window graphics will be the solution to many of your problems such as heating, cooling, glare, and privacy. It is a simple and effective method to increase comfort and energy efficiency in your workplace. All you need is to choose the product you want and then have it professionally applied by our trained technicians.

All you need is to choose the most suitable product among various window graphics.

  • Insulation films
  • Minimizes air conditioning costs by reflecting the sun’s rays in summer.
  • Blocks harmful UV rays up to 99%.
  • Blocks solar energy up to 47%.
Glare reduction films
  • Blocks up to 53% of the sun’s rays.
  • It also reduces glare on your computer and TV.
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays.
Privacy Films
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Provides 24-hour privacy.
  • Reflective Window graphics provide daytime privacy.
  • Provides a view from inside to outside, prevents the inside from being seen from outside.
  • Reduces the amount of incoming light.
Solar Heat Blocking Films
  • It cuts infrared and ultraviolet rays.
  • The effect increases as the tone increases.
Light Transmittance
  • Prevents light transmission up to 49%.
  • Reduces glare.
  • Provides excellent visibility.
Ultraviolet Blocker
  • It prevents fading etc. damages that may be caused by harmful UV rays on your furniture and floor.

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