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Taillight & Headlight Tints

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June 11, 2019
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Taillights & Headlights Tints

Have you noticed that your headlight illumination is blurred while driving? Headlights are affected by the sun’s UV rays and weather conditions, causing fading over time. As time goes by, this fading causes more light not to illuminate and becomes dangerous for visibility. Headlights and taillights protection films are the perfect solution to keep your headlights or taillights looking new for many years to come.

In addition to the protection of your headlights, if you want your vehicle to have a different design, you can also choose the colored models of Headlights and taillights tints. You can customize the vehicle headlights, taillights, or fog lamps as you wish and have different combinations made.

As time passes, the headlights system does not illuminate the road and presents a blurred appearance. This makes the driver’s job very difficult. The first reason why the headlights do not illuminate the road is that the different surfaces gradually become dull and interrupt the flow of headlight beams. However, certain climatic conditions can also cause the headlights to become dull. The solution that prevents this situation, which causes an old headlight appearance, is the headlights film product.

Why should headlight films be used?

Maintaining the performance of the headlights system ensures a safe driving experience. First of all, you should pay attention to the vehicle headlights system for your own safety and then for the safety of your family. Thus, you will have a worry-free driving experience with the morale of being able to travel better in the evening and night hours with your vehicle. Headlights or taillights films not only positively affect the performance of the headlights and taillights system but also prevent the headlight lenses from aging. This means that the vehicle has a more aesthetic headlight system. If the headlights system looks fresh and new, it is an important indicator that the vehicle is well-maintained and clean.

By increasing the light transmittance of the headlights and taillight, the lighting performance is increased. A safe, comfortable, and enjoyable drive is provided. The headlights and taillights of your vehicle are exposed to intense external factors such as sun, rain, wind, dust, sand, mud, snow, salty and chlorinated water, etc. Over time, scratches, dullness, and stains form on the surface of polycarbonate-based headlights and taillights. This leads to chronic yellowing and loss of the first day’s brightness. This situation negatively affects the light transmittance and performance of headlights and taillights, shortens visibility, and jeopardizes driving safety. Headlight lenses with yellowed, blackened, or scratched surfaces deteriorate the quality of lighting and adversely affect driving safety. Especially in the winter months, it greatly reduces the effect of low and high beams during night travel and parking lights that allow us to be seen during daytime travel. In addition, the exterior appearance of the vehicles becomes more eye-catching.

Headlight lenses are polycarbonate as known in new vehicles. There is a varnish protective layer on it. This layer also prevents light scattering. In these applications, this varnish layer is removed from the surface of the headlight because the headlight surfaces are usually cleaned with sandpaper aggressively.

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