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Commercial Vehicle Wraps

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June 11, 2019
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Advertising Effect Of Car Wrapping

There are many channels where you can advertise in the advertising sector. Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Signboard, Billboard, etc. We can add many more examples to this diversity. Unfortunately, These advertisement methods force companies both in terms of time and price. We think that the most important advertising medium in terms of price policy and reaching the target of the advertisement is vehicle wraps. You do not need to buy a vehicle for the Vehicle Wraps (onboard advertising) process because your company definitely has a vehicle.

Whether this vehicle is your personal good or a vehicle to meet the needs of your company (for transportation, service, or meeting purposes). Since this car is always in traffic, you will have a constantly traveling advertising vehicle. For this reason, care wrapping for commercials is very important. The budget you will allocate for Car Wrapping (On Vehicle Advertising) is more suitable than others. For this one-time fee, you can use the advertisement on your vehicle for up to 3-5 years.

Vehicle wrapping

It is one of the most important channels in terms of reaching the target of the advertisement in outdoor advertising. Vehicle wrapping is the process of visually covering vehicles. The company logo and images of your products will make a difference to your company with specially prepared designs. It can be applied partially or completely on the vehicle. Vehicle wrappings can be made for advertising purposes as well as complete color change applications. You can reach much more people than other advertising areas with vehicle wrapping.

Digital Printed Vehicle Wrap

Digital printed vehicle wraps turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. In this way, it can get brand awareness and thousands of interactions on the roads.

High Return on Investment

Car wrapping for commercial purposes is increasing its popularity day by day thanks to its high return on investment. With over 10 years of experience in vehicle design and application, we know very well how to increase brand and company awareness with your vehicles. With our expert design team, we turn your logos and images into moving advertising machines. It is not very difficult to make an advertising application that will leave an impact on the minds with the vehicle wrapping process with the right components.

Low Costs and Maximum Brand Awareness

Compared to other advertising media, vehicle wrapping is one of the most economical advertising methods. With the design and vehicle wrapping cost you will make only once, you can have a billboard that is in constant motion for years. Normally, advertisements are published on billboards in the market with monthly pricing. However, it is possible to increase this year up to 5 years with regular maintenance in the vehicle wrapping process. You can reach hundreds of potential customers every day with an effective advertising application in business vehicles or marketing tools.

Design and Application Process

Our experienced design team examines your designs and works to make them the most suitable shape for the vehicle. Vehicle wrapping guarantees that wherever you go with your vehicle, people will see your brand. You can be sure that there will be no one who will not look back at a perfectly and attractively wrapped vehicle. Generally, in big cities, your vehicle encounters an average of 30,000 and 70,000 people. This corresponds to 8.4 million people in a year. You cannot reach this number of people with any advertising tool. You should also keep in mind that even when you are not using your vehicle, it continues to display your advertisement. You can even park your vehicle in high-traffic areas and use it as a billboard.

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